Ellie on the beach in Seattle

Ellie on the beach in Seattle

It can be challenging to view fashion as freeing and fun when shopping with the greater good in mind. Ellie understands the struggle. She explains, “It can be overwhelming, the amount of issues and causes and challenges that fill our world. As someone with a breadth, more than a depth, of interests, I sometimes feel like I need to be more focused on what I spend my time and resources on. But perhaps social impact starts by living out our values day to day, and sharing them as we have opportunities...” 

"Social impact can be on a large or small scale. You can impact and influence your immediate sphere of influence, or a larger audience. By living and sharing your values, you impact the world around you."

"Remake has encouraged and challenged me to grow in advocacy. I continually learn from the impact of Remake's initiatives and campaigns, and feel privileged to be connected to this dynamic community. I typically have been focused on individual changes I can make to have an impact - through Remake, I'm learning more about how systemic change is enacted by individuals focusing their efforts and energy on a goal, together.

I have a long way to go on my ethical and sustainable fashion journey, but being connected with Remake is such a great opportunity to learn from others and participate in the movement of ethical and sustainable fashion."

"Find a place to start, and get started! Whether it's learning from others, making a change in your shopping habits, reconsidering lifestyle choices, contacting your representatives, sharing what you're learning with a friend - there's no one right way to start affecting change in your community. The steps may be very small, but are nonetheless meaningful. Throughout your journey, you will continue to learn and grow; your interests will evolve; you'll be shaped by new ideas - to get started, all you have to do is take a first step."

Remake @remakeourworld is a global advocacy organization fighting for fair pay and climate justice in the clothing industry.

Interview: JeLisa Marshall

Photography: Jess Garcia www.jessgarciastudio.com

Styling: JeLisa Marshall @thestylistway www.thestylistway.com

Model: Ellie

Photographed in Seattle, WA.


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