JeLisa on the Beach, a photo story and conversation

JeLisa on the Beach, a photo story and conversation

JeLisa “JL” Marshall is a conscious creator and fashion supply chain professional with 10+ years of industry experience. She owns and operates a style consultancy called The Stylist Way based upon the unceded ancestral land of the Duwamish People also known as Seattle. Her passion for fashion is fueled by a love for community and culture. She is currently studying social impact and sustainability at Glasgow Caledonian New York College and leading the Remake Seattle Community as a Community Organizer.

Social impact is being intentional about the decisions you make, so that they better you and those around you.It has changed my life mostly through in-person interactions. It is one thing to read an inspiring story and another to meet the person or people behind the story and, in deep discussion, feel even more inspired. This has happened on a number of occasions and keeps me motivated when the possible seems impossible.

Last year, I met the owner of a local boutique - Kiko from The Cura Co. - who lended a listening ear during my time of need. She gave me honest advice and guidance, and shared her take on social impact in fashion which resonated deeply with me.

Remake was the extra support I needed to feel good about jumping fully into advocacy. Volunteering is something I have always done throughout my life to give back, but contributing to the Remake community is much more personal…having worked in fashion for so long. It felt like the right thing to do to incite real change. It is one of the reasons I have met so many impactful people.

I was an ambassador for two years before becoming a Community Organizer. I have learned more about and engaged more with campaigning and policy in this organization than in any company in my entire career! While the transition was not planned, it was perfectly aligned with my desire for change and an opportunity to create it with radical compassion.

Interview: JeLisa Marshall @thestylistway

Photography: Jess Garcia

Styling: JeLisa Marshall 

Model: JeLisa Marshall  


Photographed in Seattle, WA.

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